Plantation Drives

Plants and trees are the lifelines for everyone. Considering the major benefits of trees and plants, the plantation is not just something that should be done; instead, it is a necessity for everyone. Vandana Packaging team conducts regular tree plantation drives for saving the environment and for protecting nature at various housing societies. With the mission of "Go Green", our team focus on the planting of trees for maintaining ecological balance and most especially in lessening the effects of global warming.

Our Planting drives empower nature and environmental structure. After observing the plenty importance of trees like they purify the air, protect us from dangerous ultra-violet rays, and prevent soil erosion, Vandana Packaging team helps in growing more plants and trees for the welfare of society and the nation in the best possible manner as they impact many lives at once and pave a road for the betterment of the planet. Vandana Packaging team build today for better tomorrow.

School Welfare

A perfect education system builds a nation and plays a critical role in the growth of our country. Vandana packaging team contributes to constructing toilets renovating buildings to providing books, tables, chairs, mid-day meals, and school uniforms for school welfare. Our company is associated with many government and non-government schools and we believe that the “School welfare” is a program to assure education facilities deliver to all children by guaranteeing the fundamental necessities of life like books, food, good teachers, medical care, proper sitting arrangement. protection in school, and more.

Vandana Packaging team ensures good school systems early for the best education that would increase interests of students, improving the skills and attitudes of students. As education is an important component, we can focus on enhancing equality of opportunity in contrast to school welfare, which has been more sympathetic to equality of condition and empowers the education system. Vandana Packaging team not only focus on theoretical aspects of education but also physical aspect is taken care of through physical education of students.

Book Donation Drives

Books are not only a bunch of words but also help children make sense of the world around them and impart morals and values to them. Books are the right path to educate the students often without sounding preachy, teach them empathy, and the difference between right and wrong. At, Vandana packaging, we arrange and provide books to schools for their students for spreading the joy of reading and making some children smile simply by deciding to donate books.

The success of a nation depends on the education system and youth power. To empower our young generation, Vandana Packaging team created many small libraries to add value to someone’s life by giving children the gift of books and inculcating the joy of reading. Moreover, children who can’t read and are unable to learn while their schooling. So, We make space for more books by letting go of the old ones- donate the books that giving wholeheartedly will make you happy.

Food Donation Drives

Donating food actually helps to provide foods those people who are able to eat, they’re healthy enough to play their part as active and engaged members of their communities. Vandana packaging supports local communities and economies by organizing food donation drives. We are helping poor people and children with special food packages with milk, protein-rich pulses, and items that have high mineral and vitamin contents.

Our company believes donating foods to the needy is a great way to improve the conditions in your neighborhood or community. Vandana Packaging team helps counter poverty, hunger and at the same time, it can improve harmony, friendliness, and trust among residents. At Vandana Packaging, we have been found that our food donation drives increased levels of prosperity, and boost health happiness, cooperation, goodwill, and strong communities.